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Dave - CelixDog
12 February 2012 @ 01:51 am
Things work wise have been pretty much fast and such.  Only get Sunday's off at the moment.. otherwise tis 2pm-10pm work hours.  But I ussually poke earlier in car to get a little drive around time and do any errands (sp?) I might have. 

Main news type thing is the fact I'm searching for a new car...  well a NEW to ME car... as my Olds 2001 Aurora has a Oil Pressure issue that pretty much is more expensive than I can afford to have fixed.  So much in tone to the Ford that got hit with a Deer on the time I had 1 payment left... The Olds is following suit and I'll be back to payment making on something in time.

I need to finish last payment(s) on the Olds first.  I'm mostly proding a 07 Toyota Prius Hybrid. Mostly for the fuel economy and cargo room which it seems to have a good bit of.  same time it means the cheaper prices I seen have higher miles...  Ive come across 2 candidates if they are still for sale after I finish payments....  One has 65,000 miles at 13,995.  The other is 57,000 miles at 13,999.  Either way I'm looking at a minimum of $200.00 per month payments  think.  Trade in value on my car is still a big question mark.. but hopefully its enough to lower the cost for me and make payments something I can keep up with. I fear some major sacrifices in due time just to keep god on payments possibly.  The long run I hope will payoff from the hybrid system that will result in me paying for gas less often. The best i've seen for the Prius is 46-62 mpg average.   

So thats going on at the moment.  I been proding facebook... remade an account and just being very slow and timid as I am with it.  I don't have anything all that interesting to share on there and especially nothing that family would be too interested in to be honest.  But it's nice to see Jan posting things on hers and keep up to date on her facebook.  She posts photos of flowers in her yard and food things at times too which is in my opinion pretty kewl to see.  

I mean, so many people can just be all about the facebook photos of people and such.  I think seeing folks lives beyond just "cam-whoring" and things like that they like/love is more fun to see.  Makes facebook more worthwhile if you can see your freind that is like 7 states away's yard plants or what they ate/made to eat.. or the like.  More to people than the face and body.  Not to say that i'd ignore Cutesy's body... but nice to know that if Cutesy was here irl... I could enjoy body and spirit of her hanging round with me and all.  

^-^  Alrighty... bedtime i think.  get some sleep hopefully.  Tommorrow i'll try to start taking my stuff out of the Olds so to make sure that I dont forget anything init when trade time does come.  I'm trying to not overuse the Olds at risk of it dying before I can trade it. o.o;;;


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Dave - CelixDog
12 January 2012 @ 09:45 am
Welp... the snow is a flying right now.  Meanwhile I got back from taking my car down to cambridge to have the bearing issue fixed for the belts... and now I'm waitingin hopes some shirts can be quickly washed and dried.  The one i'm wearing right now... seems like it enjoy trying to ride up some... and that bugs me. >.>;;  Washers in spinny spin spin mode at the moment.. thats good.

OOo I can barely see work right now thru the flakes! :3

So eyeah; Cambridge Auto gave me a loaner to get abewt on... and tis time was a Dodge Neon. It's not bad... considering others Ive gotten.  ^^

So eyeah.. watching Bobby Flay prepare to get whooped again in his own throwdown show. Then gotta pop awf and see if doing a run to Milwaukee today with stuff for work.

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Dave - CelixDog
31 December 2011 @ 09:32 pm
Only a scant few hours til 2012...  the last year has been up and down.. most of it felt down.  Times got good in the start and I saw the light of my financial tunnel.. and then saw myself making a huge mistake and plummeting and tossing everything I'd accomplished go down into the void.  And in the end.. things came full circle per say and things restarted for me financially as if it was four years ago.

I left then was rehired by my workplace... and still feel in debt to them accepting me back. The mental thought is that it was a big deal they rehired me and if i ever was to become feeling the way I was when I left.. to remember that there is SO much worse out there.  And know that I should see how lucky I am to be there.. and for that matter able to return.

So in all that above...  the new year is near.  I'm not one to do resolutions... I tend to fail them quickly. But I thought it might be nice and possibly fun to at least list some goals for the coming year.  So let's dip into it as I nibble on Hormel chili, cheddar cheese, and Frito's with my A&W/7UP mixed soda.
  • Start the plan to put even a few bucks into my other checking account I don't use at the moment.  As a way to save money both for emergencies or vacations when eligible for them at work.  Being unemployed makes you realize how important savings are... especially when you don't have any.
  • Pay off my Car Payments. I know I am only a few away... but the sooner it's paid off.. the sooner I could use that money to fix the things that's wrong with it.
  • Go to Whole Foods more often.. even if just to poke the Salad Bar and try to go there more than I go to a fast food joint.
  • Do more walking or bike riding around when it get's warm again. Or even walk around more for photos and exploring now during the cold times too.
  • Get back to having at least a weekend or so dedicated to waking up in morning and going driving around... in IL or within the state here.  Just drive around more and see things again.... and be sure to take photos as needed.
  • Try to draw more... even if it doesn't get posted on Deviantart; yet should post more art there as well. 
  • Be able to take vacation to Arkansas in 2012.... and make sure to visit my aunt Cleo who will hopefully still be around to visit.  Enjoy Sam and Ella's Food on the trip as well. AS WELL as have accomplished the prior savings goal in which I will not have to worry about money the whole time on vacation.

So.. that's a basic list of goals... we'll see how I go on each. I know my best and only (right now) friend in the world right now will help keep me in line and help check off items as they are done.

I love the fact I can sit here and know that I will be adding another year passing of which is with my best friend and Soul/Spirit sister Janna.  She is very special to me not just because we're super BFF's and both silly and odd.  But because my entire life I have made some friends and then lost them as family moved to a different place.  Thanks to the internet... Me and Janna have been friends for over 10 years and at least 3 moves... 1 between states.. the other between towns. 

And though I know society still has hangups of guy's having female friends and the stereotypical progression from friend to lover and such.  I know that the fact she's female and we are more brother sister than... the social trend... makes it more awesome to be around online with her or writing letters or talking or anything.  

So until the first second of 2012... Happy Holidays and See ya Next year!! 

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Dave - CelixDog
09 December 2011 @ 11:31 pm
Well... before off to work this afternoon I got more details. 

As for my Aunt, apparently was related to her diabetes (sp?) and so isn't as serious hopefully.  Someone who's kinda helping her out and all took her to hospy just cuz of concern of symptoms or the like.

As for my mum's freind, apparently he went to hospy for something about blocked bowel (ew) and Diebetes as well related and probibly will be home again tommorrow or so.  He's been able to lose apparently 50 some pounds according to grandma over last few year or so.  Which makes me feel more.. Merf as wishing could do that... I need better willpower to not drink soda. >3> (<-- thats a janna based face)

So both cases where not super super bad to a point.. but still bad cuz going to a hospy is always sucky.  Now to catch up on my youtube addiction and my Spirit Sister! :3

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Dave - CelixDog
09 December 2011 @ 11:42 am
Just a fast post since I got to get going to work here.  Just kinda merf from being woke up at 10am by grandma saying that apparently both my aunt, who apparently isn't doing too well, and my Mum's freind are both in the hospital for some reason or another.   Didn't get any details.... not too sure I want details either though.

So.. eyeah, no clue what this will lead to in future of the next few weeks or onward.  Probibly no secret to most who know me, i'm not the biggest fan of things changing.... at least, not sudden change. 

I'm thinking maybe after next pay period if have the money and after hopefully getting the bearing on the belt in my car fixed... maybe I can finally start taking weekend ( well sunday when im not working) trips again like to IL or the like.  It's not exactly like the most OMG amazing trips since i've been to most the places i'd go already... but tis nice to drive around there and see things and stop at Long John Silvers. ^^;;

Kay... time to head out for work.  ANyone want a Taco Bell Soft Shell Taco? Kinda have some left from last night getting of em. >.<

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Dave - CelixDog
06 December 2011 @ 12:59 am
I donno... maybe i'm just being really critical and hard on myself... but it feels like work wise i've been progressivly getting worse at my job, not better... and that today was the worst yet.  And kinda makes me feel scared on how Tuesday will be.  One person I talked to seemed all like "Meh not a big deal"... But feels like it should be.  Especially how badly things got today and how far behind I got.  I mean the thing i was told during interveiw was basicly that being a returning person to the company... I was expected to settle into the job easilly and quickly.  And considering how I quit to begin with adds a tone of direct pressure and looking at by many people whom my employment is decided by.

So it feels to me at least that a few more days like Monday and I may be getting fired or somehting right soon.  But I donno.  Again I not sure if im just being super hard on myself cuz I feel it was a carp day and that i'm not doing things like as well or like... settling in as I should.. or what the deal is.  But eyeah.  Just feels very sucky how Monday went and feels progressive from the first day as if just gets worse as the days go forward. 

I dunno... Just wasn't a day I would call successfull. imma go frump into bed and try to sleep some til 10am-ish. I need to email Jan actually first...  found out this evening that they're gonna have me starting tommorrow... stay til 11pm from now on ( 1 hour later) to do inventory counts and such after my normal shift is done... Which kinda messes with/up me and Jan's already pressed online buggery time.  The fact I am the only Material Handler on the shift mean I am pretty much required to work every Saturday that the production area is working... and Im not sure how many Saturdays will be off days, if any, cuz the company likes to keep production bosy Monday thru Saturday to keep up on numbers and product in stock.  So eyeah...  Very pressing and yet I can't complain since I get paid to be there extra hours and it was the long shipping hours that got me rather nice paychecks I'd never made before starting to work at Fisher Barton. 

I dunno for sure... * opens calculator proggy* I think for the 12.30 I get an hour for the 8 hour day M-S for the 2 week payperiod I'd get like (before taxes and such) $1180.80 a paycheck...  add the extra hour there... $1328.40 annnd.. that doesn't technically include the overtime pay since i'd be working like 14 hours over overtime and thats ussually time and a half ( your pay plus another half of your pay)... Thats... $ 172.20 or so extra to that just for the extra hour every night. 

eyeah... lotta numbers.. but basicly means I can hopfully pay bills and in time maybe get back o where I was before I stupidly got big headed and quit FB to start with. To think that time I could have used my tax refund to pay off my gas card and some of my car payments...  instead I had to use it for bills cuz I had no job. x.x  

My goal mostly is to get my bills paid off.. credit cards paid off and canceled, my car paid off... basicly get to where I paying for things based mostly on my bank account only... such as Car insurance, Fuel for car, food, ect.  AND also have my other bank account plan in place to which have money going in as a savings for thing slike vacation after my year of employment at FB ( if I dont get fired for being horrid at my job and goofing up too much).  I figure $500.00 for vacation to AR should cover the fuel, hotel, ect things for a vacation... and still have money left over for things as needed, be it car repairs or the like.

My car repair next on the list I think is deffo going to be the bad belt bearing..  it's sounding louder and getting more embarressing to hear squeeling while I sitting at stop lights or in a drive thru. x.x  Feel like a loudmouth car person.  ANd i'm sure the louder it gets.. the closer to failing it's getting as well.  Probibly about a $200-$300 repair if I recall.  We'll see how the paycheck shows in this week or the next un after it.

Okay.. email then sleep. x.x  I just remmebered too.. I shoulda tossed some socks into the washer when I got home. Doh.  Yasee we use a program called " on/Off Peak" with our power company and that when we use electric (aka washer and dryer) between 7pm and 7am (off peak)... we pay much less (so im told) for the power compared to the On Peak when I guess more people using the power and stuff.  So we try to do laundry and such that uses uber electrics during 7pm to 7am so we dont pay so much for it.  The apt complex folks also put CFL's in as many lights as they could... I bought some mini CFL's for my room, though I'd be okay with LED's if I could find the right kind for my rooms ceiling lamp.  Grandma however wouldn't give up her 200 watt bulb over the table she used for quilting and such... and THAT bulb feels like turning on the Sun itself, just darker then SHHINNGGG!!!! HOOOLLLA LUUUYAAAAA...  I mean seriously.. VERY bright! I'd bet that if you turned on a normal 60 watt buld in the room.. then this 200watt un.. the 60 would burn out.. feeling inferiour and not bulb-ly enough to exist. *nod* eyeap.  200 Watt would give 60 Watt inferiority complex.


Kay.. PEACE!
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Dave - CelixDog
28 November 2011 @ 11:44 pm
Welp; just got home from first day at work.  Got alot of people with the same response... " Holly!! Your back?!" hehe  Otherwise was a bit of confusion and rush for most the night.  Unlike shipping when I was there...  You go from focusing on 1 task to have about 30 other people call you while doing the one task; thus it gets confusing and hectic.... and my brain feels kinda sprained trying to rememeber everyone who paged me tonight.

Personally I think I didn't do to well just cuz I know people may have been waiting up to 2 or 3 hours for me to get what they wanted completed.  It got to a point that I started writting down locations that paged and would cross em off as I got to em.  But personally I'd have to say not the best first day preformance wise.  Manager said I did pretty good, but again  still feel kinda like wasn't the best showing.

Was so hoppin tonight that after my orientation and what felt like a hour or so on the floor, I looked at a clock to see it say 5:30pm.  So what felt like about an hour was actually up to 3 hours. ^^;;  So deffo helps to get time to scoot along without me noticing. :3

So we'll see how tommorrow goes.  Overall i've not met anyone yet who seems to be unhappy of me being back.  Mostly seems to be of shock or amazement.  I just have to keep on it and make sure I doing my best and such while on my probationary (sp?) period. My goal is to beat my last year count of 4 years working there.  The got paid Last Thursday so I'll get paid Dec. 8th; and that will be when some other goals will start to take place.  Namely at first me taking some money from the paycheck and putting into a different bank account as a savings area.  My hope is to get $50-$100 into that account every paycheck, it might be less for a while as I pay off bills as well; but the point is to start saving and having a saving point avalible.  I also will need to start recontributing to my 401K account to try and start getting it going up again and basicly payback what I took out.

So eyeap... Day 1 is done.. now for day 2 after a sleepinz! :3 Night!

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Dave - CelixDog
21 November 2011 @ 11:41 pm
I came across the most cutest lil animated kitty things while chatting with Jan.  She linked me to a Anime CHaacter Database where I saw a shoutbox with onna the lil dudes.  Theres about 120 of them and I nabbed a BUNCH and using as my new journal moodies.  THEY SOOOO CUTE!!!

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Dave - CelixDog
21 November 2011 @ 06:28 pm
^^!  (still think livejournal needs smilies/emotes)

Got a call this evening around 4PM CST from Fisher Barton, I had found about a week ago after being let go at the Paper Place (which was okay since the work was very much strenuous) that Fisher Barton was hiring for some different positions again, and was told that they where in fact offering me a position back with the company.

I'll be a 2nd shift material handler and tis $12.00 an hour starting with a 30 cent shift premium. I'll get a call tommorrow on what time my drug test is at the clinic and then will start work on Monday the 27th of November.  YAY!

And.. eyeah I know what few, if any readers, who do read my journal probibly are going " But dude.. didn't you QUIT Fisher Barton all huffy like in April...?"  Which is true... and after the 7 months unemployed and many sad failures in my adventures of truck driving jobs and such; it became pretty obvious how dumb of a move it was to just up and quit.  I think alot of that day was a burned out, unrational thinking and me not thinking stright to start, or intelligently.  Thankfully they will rehire me and I will be working again and close to home so winter travel wont be a issue. ^^  Me Happy!

Kay now for some online JJ chattinz! Ta!

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Dave - CelixDog
30 October 2011 @ 11:08 pm

Sorry for a lack of entries.  Been kinda mix of busy and not.

I guess starting is... I got myself a Canon T3i EOS Digital Camera since last mention of it.  I've gone a few times to Lake Michigan to capture bigger waves and also to grab imagery of some depots around the area.  I'm quite pleased with the camera; the only hitch would be in the plan to interchange between the Canon and my Pentax camera... I'll need to sometime purchase a conversion ring for the lens mount... but right now since i got a bundle which included the telescopic lens as well, I dont have a urgent need.

So... afterwards of that.  I did some website designing stuff.... and reminding myself to do a halloween update text tongiht as well.

Lastly for now I guess;  the last week or so has been going from no job to trying to juggle 2 offers between a temp agency in town and a paper converting company in Beaver Dam, WI.  After a past week of waking much earlier then i've been used too and jumping place to place... I finally decided to go with the Beaver Dam company namely focused on the fact they are offering a full position directly hired that was more promissing of benefits and options than the temp company were the position was called " Open Ended" and was a unknown time as a temp employee and no sure date of if i'd become a full hire employee.

The drive is 40 minutes and about the same in milage; my grandmother's itchy moving finger got itchy pretty fast after my accepting this offer since we know the apartment complex we live in has a branch in beaver dam.  I personally though am not ready to just up and plan a move at least for a year to get back on soild ground and know I'm paying bills fine and hopefully trickling back to my 401K and have a nice savings started.

Probibly the biggest lesson I always ignore in the past... was made truly obvious during this bout of enemployment that was made possible by my poor judgement.  "Always have a savings" I encourage any readers to condiser a savings plan.  If it's a jar in your room for pennies or, as I will be using, a dusty bank account you dont often use.  Find someplace to create a savings. My plan is to hopefully be positioned to place at least $100.00 a paycheck into this other bank account.

Of course I know pay wise; this new job pays about 3 bucks less... and that $100.00 a paycheck could be a rather big sum to tuck away.... at most.. I'd be happy seeing me toss at least $20 into the account as I go along... and maybe the same into my 401K.  $50 would be even better. ^^!

So...  Tomorrow Monday I will go in for orientation and safety training in my new job as a packager person and Tuesday start my 3rd shift job.  Yep.. 3rd shift again, which i'm okay with aside from obviously my online and day off options will change.  It's a rotation shedual which means that while i'm told it's the same every 2 weeks... there will be a learning curve for a while as I learn the job and hours.  I feel guilty that all this time i've let my sleep times be random at times no earlier than 5am and sleeping in til 3pm. Hoping that doesn't hurt me for my new job.

I'll try to keep with site updates and moreso.. drawings as best I can.  JJ ( my spirit Sis, yaknow!) teased me a while back that I drew my entire 2012 quota of drawings last month in August.  Wanna prove that wrong, but same time again I am trying to progress further in bettering my drawings and thus... as she helps critique my sketches, point out major no-no's and I get on the right track with each drawing.  But i'll try to keep on it thru my schedual at work.  My room still awaits a major cleaning/organizing.  Someday... i'd love to have my room where I can call areas of it.. a art desk/studio. hehe

Alrighty! Off to update a halloween site post! Ta!


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